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Domain Register India

What is a Domain Name?

Every domain name contains two or more components separated by periods, called “dots”. The last part of the address, (com, net, org, us, ca, uk), is called the “Top Level Domain”. The second part of the domain is what the “Second Level Domain”. Examples of Second Level Domain are:, or The Second Level Domains are a great way to organize geographically or functional the Domain Names, ( for example is the SLD for Ontario – Canada).

It is also possible to have sub-domains such as “”. I own, for instance, I could choose to split my traffic and content between multiple websites and assign them different sub-domain names such as:,,, etc… That is a Web Marketing or technical decision.

A domain name is hierarchical and most common offers information about the type of entity using the domain name. However, for an additional charge, you can choose to keep that information private.
Why do we need a domain name?

A domain name is always needed when you want to be present on the web. It is a way to translate your server’s address into a nice looking address. Who can remember a web address like Not me… For me, and most of us, it is easier to remember a name like

Your Domain Name is your property on the Internet. It is the name of your space on Internet. Since it represents you and your company you want make it look good.

Marketing and PR are other two major reasons. You want to brand your Web Site and personalize it.

Search Engine ranking is another reason. There is been a lot of discussions on this subject and it seems that Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are taking in consideration the domain name of your website in their ranking algorithm.

Trademark protection is so important these days and if you don’t use a domain name that sounds like your company name someone else will use it, and reap off the benefits.
How to choose a good domain name

There is no absolute formula for choosing your domain name but there are some guidelines. These guidelines along with a good Marketing strategy, can give you an idea of what domain name or names you should choose.

Some Guidelines are the following:

    Try to make your domain name as short as possible. This makes it easier to remember and get the attention of your visitors.
    It has to be as short as possible. People have to remember the name easily.
    It has to have a meaning, something that people can relate to easily. You can’t name your website because this is the acronym of your book: “The Massage Manual For All Levels From Beginner to Expert”.

    It has to be related to your company name or to your products or to a specific Marketing Campaign.
    I have, (my name + blog), and the other one is, (obviously the name says it all is about Head Massage). If I had enough money and energy to finish my project to write a book about massage I would promote it through an alternate website, (part of my Marketing Campaign), let’s say  which is not yet registered.
    This last example leads me to the next question what TLD, (Top Level Domain), should I choose. If you can, stick to the designation of the TLD. For example .com is for commercial institutions, .org is for noncommercial organizations, etc… But this isn’t extremely important.

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